Players Club Deals

Complimentary ice cold Beer Mugs & Pepsi while playing.

The Wheel

Wheel spins take place everyday. Each spin consists of a random player club member playing in the casino. This person will be asked if they’d like to spin our WHEEL. When spinning the wheel it must make two revolutions.

The wheel cannot be touched while spinning or the spin is over.

The Wheel Prizes

The Four green $20’s are paid instantly if landed on. The 200 or 400 point spots are credited to your players club account immediately

Lotto tickets are printed instantly.

The Cash

Cash is accumulated in your account as you are logged on and playing in the casino. Cash can be drawn out in 500 point or $5 increments with a $50 a day limit. Attendant will put money in machine as it’s for machine play only.

Good Luck!